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Our training and information resources are here to bridge the gap between research and the real-world to help ensure that you are properly equipped for tackling your human factors design, certification, and operations-related challenges.

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Our training products are geared at providing not only the base knowledge required to address technical areas, but also the structured processes to give you a blueprint for effectively applying your industry expertise in a focused manner.  Best of all, our training is delivered in easy-to-follow language that does not require understanding of technical industry jargon.

Our Resources section is a hub for applied information and tools that are based on the latest research and current events to help build your human factors knowledge, skill sets, and capabilities in a variety of technical areas. These areas include interface design, procedural design, aviation, healthcare, automobile ergonomics, automation use, and much more.

Our HFYI Blog is a forum dedicated to connecting the world of research with the world of industry by delivering useful and timely information, resources, and thought-provoking discussion for addressing current developments and challenges related to taming human factors issues in the "wild".

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Federal Register page for U.S. FAA 14 CFR 25.1302This is an exciting day! After a lot of hard work by many folks, 14 CFR 25.1302 regulation has been released. As you may already know (or have read about in our blog series about the 14 CFR 25.1302 regulation), 14 CFR 25.1302 is a general applicability FAA regulation that includes explicit requirements for design attributes related to avoiding and managing flight crew error. While FAA 14 CFR 25.1523 and corresponding Appendix D have addressed some related design attributes, this proposed FAA regulation represents a much more global approach to human factors on the flight deck and will require system and equipment designers to consider human error and feedback in their design and testing of flight deck interfaces.And, today, the final rule for 14 CFR 25.1302 has been published in the Federal Register.  You can find the published rule on the Federal Register: 14 CFR 25.1302 Installed Systems and Equipment for Use by the Flightcrew

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intended-users-5-types-of-characteristicsBefore you delve into the design of a new system, you are likely aware that you need to define your intentions for the system. This includes not only the intended function and the intended context, but also a clear description of ...

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